• Open Dies

    Open Dies

  • Plastic Injection Molds

    Plastic Injection Molds

  • Die Manufacturing

    Die Manufacturing

  • Casting Dies

    Casting Dies

  • Bolster Plate

    Bolster Plate

  • Base Repairs

    Base Repairs

  • Gripper Jaws and Manipulator Arms

    Gripper Jaws and Manipulator Arms

  • Cutter Bars

    Cutter Bars

  • Ram & Sow Blocks

    Ram & Sow Blocks

  • Press Dies

    Press Dies

  • Hammer Dies

    Hammer Dies

  • Rotary Forge Dies

    Rotary Forge Dies

  • Ring Rolling/Axial Cones

    Ring Rolling/Axial Cones

Absolute Welding helps you maximize the service life of your forging tooling and components through welding with proper alloy selection and heat treating.

Did you know…

Absolute Welding is a Eureka Welding Alloys/Cor-Met Welding Alloys recommended Die Repair facility.

Absolute Welding and Machining is a dedicated die welding facility located in Borden, IN.  Absolute’s goal is to make your forging operation more profitable through the use of welding.

Absolute Welding and Machining is proud to be a Welding partner with Whitfield Welding, Inc.

Their goal is to provide customers with the best quality and service available in the forging industry. Whitfield Welding, Inc. has dedicated die welding facilities with the knowledge and equipment to use welding technology to maximize a die’s life.
Absolute and Whitfield Welding, Inc. want to make your forging operation more profitable with facilities in Borden, IN, and Oldcastle, Ontario.