Hammer Dies

Hammer Dies

The key to repairing even the most severe cracking and flashland wear in a hammer die is proper alloy selection and heat treating process. Absolute Welding has over 20 years of experience repairing hammer dies. Let us work with you to extend your die life to ensure you are getting the most parts possible. Here is just one of our success stories.

Forging company with in-house die welding operation – 20,000 lb forging hammer, 6,000 lb die block (FX2) forging a 65 lb billet in a two step operation

Forging company with in-house die welding operation had problem with die block failure—severe cracking in bottom radius of the impression. Cracking was running approximately 3” deep and the die had extensive flashland wear. Die blocks were repaired in-house by flood welding with block material equivalent (38-42 HRC) and received a single stress reliev. This process allowed the die blocks to stay in service longer.

Absolute Welding chose to weld the die blocks with two alloys. The bottom of the impressions was welded with a crack resistant alloy and the impression was capped with a wear resistant alloy. The die blocks then receive a double stress relief cycle.
This process increased die life from 800 forgings to 2,400 forgings. This increase in die life by using two alloys eliminated multiple resinks of the impression, yet achieved the same yearly production requirements. Final result – 200% increase in die life.

Did you know…
Absolute Welding is a Eureka Welding Alloys/Cor-Met Welding Alloys recommended Die Repair facility.