Press Dies

Press Dies

Absolute Welding has specialized in the repair and life extension of press dies since opening our doors in 1994. With proper alloy selection and heat treatment, we have achieved the success stories below.

These are just a few examples of how we can help you become more profitable through longer die life.

Press operation/FX die block material/3 step operation – buster, blocker, finisher
Large detail impression (forging weight 25 lbs) increased die life of unwelded FX blocks from 4000 pieces per run to a 5 year average of 18,000 plus per run through a combination of a cobalt overlay of busters and a composite flood weld of blockers & finishers. An example of our consistent quality through a comprehensive die welding and heat treating process.

Press operation/3 step operation – preformer, blocker, finisher
Replaced expensive inconel die blocks, which could be remachined approximately 3 to 4 times before scrapping, with flood welded FX die block material. Blocker dies were overlayed with cobalt alloy and finisher dies were composite flood welded. This process achieved a 30% increase in die life over inconel dies. The welded FX die block can be rewelded indefinitely.

Press operation/FX2 die block material/3 step operation – buster, blocker, finisher. Forging large
connecting rod 18” long
Increased die life of unwelded FX die blocks from 7000 pieces per run to approximately 48,000 per run (this is a 3 year average). This was accomplished with a cobalt overlay of busters and a composite flood weld of blockers and finishers.

Did you know…
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