Open Dies

Open Dies

Open dies experience extreme pressure and temperatures that lead to decreased die life meaning more downtime for switching of dies. With the proper alloy selection and heat treatment, Absolute Welding has been able to improve open die life by 1000%. One such success is highlighted below.

3,500 Ton Hydraulic Press – Forging of large steel mill rolls up to 240,000 lbs
Press operation using H-13 die blocks averaging die life of approximately 40 hours. Die block would then be remachined to a flat working surface. Each machining reduces die block by 2+ inches. After four remachinings, blocks would be scrapped and a new block purchased.

As welded with Hastalloy and Waspalloy die life is averaging 500 hours with die height remaining the same, keeping die block in service for years.

As the one of the largest U.S. consumers of  Hastalloy and Waspalloy nickel-based welding alloys used in the forging industry, Absolute Welding ranks as one of the most experienced and qualified die welding shops in the United States for Hastalloy and Waspalloy weldments.

Did you know…
Absolute Welding has put over 4,000 lbs of weld into a single job!