Stress Relieving

Stress Relieving

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All work performed by Absolute Welding is stress relieved, as necessary. We are also available for stress relieving of raw blocks and blocks post machining.

  • 50,000 lbs Capacity
  • Ovens run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Shop staffed 5 days a week, 18 hours a day – we can accommodate special requests after hours
  • Furnaces operate up to 1200 F
  • 5 Furnaces monitored with software for quality assurance
  • Over 500 cubic feet of furnace space
  • Rockwell Testing performed before and after treatment,¬†when required
  • 5 furnaces have a combined capacity of 160,000 lbs for stress relief – these furnaces run 24/7 for quick turnaround

Did you know…
Manufacturing processes such as heavy machining, electrical discharge machining (EDM), and welding are known to induce both thermal and mechanical stresses into metals. At AbsoluteWelding we are able to relieve the stresses that develop within a structure through stress relief heat treatment whereby stressed metal is uniformly heated to a predetermined temperature, held at that temperature for a set amount of time, then cooled slowly and uniformly to room temperature.

This procedure is to be completed at either the rough cut or semi-finished stage.